Benjamin Kwasnick is a full time investor and trader at Great Point Capital, LLC. With 14 years experience in the trading industry, he is well versed in using technical and fundamental analysis to make informed decisions. His investing knowledge and fastidiousness has unleashed a valuable company like SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company).

Ben is the Founder & CEO of SPAC Research. He is an expert in SPAC securities, equities arbitrage, and market microstructure.

He founded the premier research website for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), with comprehensive coverage of all publicly listed companies operating in the unique SPAC asset class.

Benjamin Kwasnick is detail-obsessed and fascinated with minutiae of all kinds. He is keen to see an issue through to successful completion, which frequently leads to spending hours chasing down a tangent at the bottom of a rabbit hole, but occasionally produces a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.