At DeepR Analytics, we focus on the application of recent advances in Machine Learning and Deep Learning  to the field of stock market trading.

DeepR Analytics is based out of Toronto, Canada. We are a developer of algorithmic trading solutions and products that is primarily focused on merging innovative trading algorithms with recent advances in machine learning algorithms such as deep learning and reinforced learning to automate trading and reap profits. Our algorithmic trading platform places quick and accurate trades, without the need for constantly monitoring the market conditions. The platform has been designed from the ground up with rapid development and scalability in mind.

We are an enthusiastic team of coders, engineers and traders. We started with a team of four people and are now looking to expand our resources and grab the attention of other engineers who can be part of our endeavor. As a small but experienced team of algorithmic trading solution creators, we are dedicated to building things for the future. We know and understand the world of stock exchange and the challenges it can pose to traders. That’s precisely why we focus on creating dynamic and long-term solutions that offer high and assured returns through the stock market. 

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
— Warren Buffett


Where Intellectual Curiosity and Financial Savvy Meet

DeepR Analytics is a company rooted in the intellectual curiosity of its two founders – Rejo Peter and Deepak Goel. Deepak, a FINRA registered proprietary equity trader, with over 10 years of consistent success in intra-day equities trading, brings with him a deep knowledge of market mechanics and a portfolio of profitable trading strategies.  Rejo, a researcher with a PhD in Quantitative Finance, brings an inter-domain skill set in quantitative methodologies, data analytics, software architecture & design and project management.

The founders, who were friends since college, began meeting and discussing their work and interests. This eventually led to exploring the intersection of day trading and emerging technology, especially artificial intelligence. It was a combination reminiscent of late-night college brainstorming — to which was added a large dose of real-world experience.

Eventually, Deepak and Rejo began working on a problem concerning optimally allocating constrained-buying power to a basket of securities. Rejo realized that this was a problem that could be solved using the type of algorithms that he had become interested in over the years.

Using Excel worksheets and a great many formulas, they built a rudimentary process that proved the potential of applying algorithms to the trading sphere. They were a little shocked at this revelation and it served as the genesis of DeepR Analytics.


“At DeepR, we have incredible passion for what we do. We are on a mission to not just build algorithms for trading, but also to provide solutions to difficult problems in finance,” explains Rejo. “We want to help people invest and to provide solutions that help traders make more effective decisions.”


Once they got started in earnest, they realized that building an automated trading solution was more complicated than the two of them could handle alone. They hired their first employee, Kyung Suh, an experienced South Korean software engineer. Soon after that, they entered into a partnership with an Indian company, Rajkamal Consulting. The crucial step of attracting a diverse and knowledgeable staff — with whom they share their company’s journey — has made DeepR a fascinating and successful fin-tech enterprise.

DeepR has continued to grow and has shifted towards projects that have a high potential for scalability. This work is pursued in a corporate culture that is committed not only to inspiring hard work but also rewarding open curiosity, as opposed to conformity and caution.


“Both Rejo and I are open-minded people and believe in sharing our success at DeepR.” says Deepak. “Our strength is our people — who are not only hard working, but also open minded and constantly striving to learn and grow themselves. With this attitude, we are on this beautiful journey together, one that we are all enjoying tremendously.”


“The opportunities are immense, and with the team we have built at DeepR, we have set ourselves up to achieve our goals and more,” adds Rejo.

What We've Achieved

In under a year, DeepR Analytics has -

  • Built a real time trading platform from the ground up

  • Implemented multiple successful trading algorithms

  • Enhanced the trading platform to handle scalable low latency processing of high frequency data

  • Set up servers in New York to minimize latency of algorithmic trades.